Hi, I’m Tom

If you’ve been to the front page you’ve seen some of our generative art. On this page, we’ll show some photographs, & indulge in a bit of autobiography.

Early on

I am fascinated by the intersection of photography & AI & it’s capability to bring your imagination to amazing places. I have been a programmer my entire life (except for a stint when I got a Ph.D. in molecular genetics) Early on, I fell in love with the idea combining my photography with machine intelligence, so I set out to learn everything I could about both.

I love colors.

We live on a 200 acre farm in Northern Virginia – close enough to DC to scoot in for a good meal, but far enough away that we avoid the stench of the beltway. The farm is the main inspiration for many of my works, & I hope that trend continues.

I’ve also dabbled in poetry (Even been published some for what that’s worth) so I may subject you to a bit of that as well.


I have been teaching myself the arcane magic of neural networks, machine learning, & I’m still learning every day. I refer to my digital photo work as mostly veristic: Verism is the artistic preference of contemporary everyday subject matter instead of the heroic or legendary in art and literature; it is a form of realism. The word comes from Latin verus (true). Thank you Wikipedia.

The AI/Human collaboration pictures are, let’s say, often not quite as realistic.

I have 2 typical workflows: (1) A digital photograph followed by post-processing; & (2) feeding selected text streams into a generator like BigGAN, followed by steering with CLIP or DALL-E. These images are then post-processed. Both the generators & the neural nets are my own heavily modified instances (Thank you Python). I hope to capture the imaginations & intellects of people who see my work for one amazing moment.

Portrait of the Artist
“Two, even for extremely large values of two, does not equal three.”